AI-based Merchandising

Optimize your Shopify store the way Amazon does. 

Use Entaice's automated merchandising AI to show your customers the products they want when they want them.  

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Why Entaice

Up to 80% of your site's visitors browse a category page (check your analytics!).  But their experience can be a mess because most pages sort products by price or date added.  As a result, visitors see out of stock products at the top of the page while the item they really want gets pushed to page five.  Entaice turns your visitors into buyers by making sure they see relevant product first, leading to higher conversion and retention rates.

How we do it

Enterprise Grade Analytics

Entaice uses an enterprise ready tracking pixel to identify user preferences and shopping patterns without slowing down your page load times.

State of the Art AI

Entaice's machine learning algorithms sort products by a user's likelihood to buy - not generic properties like price or date added.

Powerful, Flexible API

Entaice can update your product rankings as often as you like via an API call, so your store's collections are are always optimized and up to date.

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